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What is Flower Pawer?

Flower Pawer was created to teach as well as to learn to understand better our pets. To help each other to make a better space for our pets. Here at Flower Pawer, we share:
  • Pet-friendly recipes
  • Information and facts about pets
    • Health tips
    • Training tips
Pet parenting can sometimes be a little daunting, we are here to make it easier and to establish a circle of love and bond between us and our pets.

About Us

Before 2015 we were pet lovers, but after March 2015 slowly but surely we became pet “parents”. Like any other first-time pet parent, we submerged ourselves with information. We tried to look for:
  • Training information
  • Pet behavior
Then that translated into researching more about:
  • Pet food
  • Healthier pet food
  • Super food for pets
  • Recipes, etc.
Two years later we are still learning, there’s so much information out there that we need to filter it and of course, try it for ourselves.

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Homemade meal recipe

In order to keep our dog healthy we opted to make a homemade meal in order to mix it with the dry food. There...

Frozen ice cube treats

With hot days, it's always a good idea to give our dogs different ways to cool off and what a better way than with...

Frozen watermelon treats

We must provide our dog's ways to cool off when it gets hot. What a better way than a frozen treat! These frozen watermelon...

Carrot cake recipe for dogs

If you are a pet parent you must have already thrown at least one birthday party for your dog. I know we did... In...

Easy yogurt, peanut butter, banana dog treat recipe

Today we are sharing a fast & easy dog treat recipe. This frozen cold treat will work wonders in warm weather. Dog's love their peanut...

Coconut Dog Treats

We are going cocoNUTS over these coconut treats. They are simple, fast and the best thing is NO BAKING REQUIRED! You will need only 4...


Thanksgiving no no’s

Happy Thanksgiving Day! As part of this special holiday, we need to take some caution in the kitchen. Here we share a list of some...

10 Nasty Things Dog’s Do

Let's face it our dogs will sometimes have nasty habits that we find disgusting. I'm here to tell you that "You are not alone."....

5 Tips for taking care of your dog during the winter

With winter weather coming soon we need to start thinking of our little ball of fur during these times. Some dogs may be conditioned...

Why does my dog lick me

It's no mystery dogs like to lick us. But, Why!? Simple, it's in their nature, and it's one of their ways to communicate with...

Tips & Tricks

A circle of bond between us and our pets

There is nothing greater than the bond between us and our dog. Sometimes during our darkest moments without any words, our dogs are right...

5 safety tips for the hurricane season

The hurricane season starts in June and ends on November, the peak time for storms is at the end of the summer because the difference...

Samurai armor for dogs and cats

Samurai armor for dogs and cats, something we didn't know existed and that we needed. With Halloween around the corner, you can make your...


Teach your dogs some tricks

Here's a list of neat tricks you can teach your dog. Remember to always exercise your dog before teaching the tricks, do not tire...


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6 days ago
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{In Case You Missed It} New Year Resolutions for your pet! They could benefit from new changes this new year. Here's Flower Pawer New Years Resolutions Part 1.

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10 New Year's Resolutions For Your Pet - Flower Pawer

A #NewYear comes with #NewYearsResolutions.

New Year’s Resolutions come with the start of a new year, but these should not only apply to us. Our pets should have New Year’s Resolutions too, in fact, we will share 10 New Year’s ... See more

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For everyone in our group, thank you for reading us throughout the year! To kick the New Year right, new post coming soon!

1 month ago


We’re doing a Holidays cover photo for our page.

Share some of yours and we’ll pick one ☺️🎁🎄❄️☃️