Let’s face it our dogs will sometimes have nasty habits that we find disgusting. I’m here to tell you that “You are not alone.”. We asked our followers on Twitter, and Facebook and these were some of the results. I do have to confess that some of these are from personal experience but you will never know (muahaha!). Try not to cringe away from this post! For some, this post will mean “10 reasons why I love cats”. Let’s start the countdown!

10 Farting

I lost count of how many times I got the look when that smell pops up. So, yes; Dog’s do fart, and they are like an atomic bomb. They can clear a room in a matter of seconds! If you have a frequent farter’ you may want to look into their nutritional intake. Something in their diet is causing the excess of flatulence.

9Socks and not necessarily clean ones

Dog’s are scent oriented. That’s why they can sense when we are near. Same goes when they reach for our dirty clothes, some dogs have a craving for socks. It can be a mix of scent and feel. The fabric used on some socks may feel comforting while chewing or nibbling on them.

8Drinking water from the toilet bowl

Dog’s might prefer drinking from the toilet bowl because the water there is colder and fresher than the one in their plastic or metal bowl. In fact, the water from their bowl may have water laying there for hours collecting bits and pieces of food (yuk!). Although your dog might prefer drinking from the toilet bowl, we advise you to not let your dog do it because of all the chemicals we use to clean the toilet.


A trash can is filled with stinky aromatic food and extra stuff like paper, and q-tips. It’s a doggy heaven for treats! Besides your dog chowing down in some trash, your dog might be seeking attention or just curious.

6Sniffing private parts

Let’s face it, dog’s do not know they are putting their nose in an uncomfortable, forbidden area. They are just looking for information, smelling is a dog’s best way of getting a full report on their target. Humans and other animals give out scents of pheromones which are susceptible to a dog’s nose. That’s why some dogs tend to impolitely sniff on a woman that is on their day of the month, recently gave birth, or ovulating. Next time a dog sniff around in our private area, is it a signal of our health?!

5Feet licking

There are a few theories as to why dog’s like to lick our feet. There’s the salt theory where dogs can pick up the scent of salt and like to lick it out of our skin. We have the seeking attention theory where the dog is trying to get you to engage in a physical activity that meets both physiological needs. But what we can all agree is that the act of licking is a way for our dog to communicate their affection to us.

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4Roll around in something stinky

One time I was walking the dog, and she was sniffing a pile of leaves. Next thing I know she decided to roll on top of the pile of leaves. That’s until I saw a huge stain on her neck, and yes; it was POOP! It’s been said that this type of behavior in dogs is to either mask their scent or to leave their scent. Either way, they tend to have a radar to roll on stinky stuff.

3Lick or eat their own vomit

Let’s face it when we see our dog throw up their dinner that’s when we say “No kisses for your today.”. But why do they eat it?! Simple, because they see it as food. We just see a pile of smush they see and smell food. This may have to do when the mom used to regurgitate food in order to help them adjust to eating solid food. It’s a normal but disgusting behavior in dogs.

2Poop eating

Poop eating is encrypted in a dog’s DNA before the domesticated dog, their ancestors were scavengers and lived from whatever they could find. Sometimes the mom would clean up after her puppies to avoid attracting predators. Nowadays, if a dog eats poop it could be a sign of a health or nutrition problem. The dog might be replenishing lost enzymes in order to improve their digestive system for the next meal or the dog’s diet is lacking some proteins and fats.

1Eating (used) feminine hygiene products

It’s no secret dog’s love to chow down on random things, but this makes the top of the list of nasty things our dogs do that we find disgusting. We don’t really know WHY they like to eat them but maybe it has to do with human scent and the fact it smells like protein. Whatever the specific reason may be we need to be careful when your dog decides to eat this “delicacy” as it can harm your dog’s digestive system.

Does your dog do something that’s not on the list?

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