Moving out it’s a stressful process for us humans. Luckily we know what’s happening but our pets do not and that can be really stressful for them because they see unexpected movements in their homes and getting to know a new environment can be really draining for them. That’s why we need to be inclusive with our pets during the process. These are only guidelines to help the process be smoother for you but especially for your pet.

1Make sure your new home is pet-friendly.

Before deciding where to move, make sure that where you are going to be allocated is a pet-friendly house/condo/apt. Pets are part of the family.

2Make an “overnight kit”

This kit should contain enough food, toys, grooming tools for a few days until you can finishing up unpacking. The idea is to have your pet as comfortable as possible.

3Get your pet documentation from your vet

If you are moving out of the area, make sure you are getting all your documents from your vet. Also, you will need all your paperwork up to date if you are flying with your pet.

4Get your pet away from all the noise

During the packing and moving process make sure to have your pet in a quiet place. If you can’t leave your pet at a friends house (highly recommended) then lock your pet in a room or in a kennel away from all the action. With so many people going in and out and the noise there’s a high risk your pet can get loose and get lost.

5Spoil your pet

Show love to your pet, let them sleep in your bed, give them treats, show them some love. If they feel unloved and neglected it can translate in more stress and bad behavior.

6Groom your pet a few days before moving out

Clean up your pet, nails cut, hair shampooed and have your pet smelling beautiful. If you are traveling in your own car, you will thank me later. Also, if your pet is long haired make sure to give them a good brush and extra groom.

7Move your house before your pet

If you are able to move and set up as much as possible before your move your pet, the transition will be smoother.

8Layout a familiar set up

Layout a familiar set up in your new house with your pets toys, food & water bowls. Make them feel like home in their new house.

9Keep a normal schedule on moving day

Pets are accustom to routines, any sudden changes from their routine will give them extra unnecessary stress.

10Inspect your new home

Remember to inspect your new home before letting loose your pet. Check for trash, chemicals, things that can be harmful to your pet. Do the same in the backyard, make sure there’s nothing harmful in the grass. After that let your pet get to know the surroundings, once accustomed let them loose inside the house and make sure to spend time with them.

PS: Make sure to update your pet’s ID tags and microchip (if you have one). Since your pet it’s in a new environment it can get easily lost.



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