Some humans love parties, they love the loud music, the crowd, and the fireworks. Some of our four-legged friends do not share the same interests. Let’s face it, parties are not for everyone. While days like 4th of July and New Year’s Eve might be entertaining for us, for our dogs all of this can be a nightmare. It can feel like their world is falling apart and being attacked. Dogs can behave abnormally under these circumstances and fail to act rationally. Risking their health by trying to escape through a window resulting in cuts and lacerations, bloody paws while trying to go through a locked door or maybe even show signs of aggression.

It’s also in these type of days that dogs can get lost. That’s why it’s important to help your dog get through days like these, and try to make your dog feel secure, calm, and relax.

Here we share 5 tips to help your dog be less anxious during parties like New Year’s Eve and 4th of July.


Dogs tend to have a favorite hiding spot when they are scared or don’t want to be disturbed. If your dog was crate trained, the crate can offer a sense of protection but for others, that may be under the bed, behind the couch, etc. If your dog was not crate trained we do not recommend crating since it will probably cause more stress and anxiety. You know your dog better than anyone else, the goal is to provide a calming and relaxing environment for your dog. Make sure the room you choose to confine your pet is somewhere he/she cannot harm themselves and destroy any of your belongings.

2Music or calming sounds

Believe it or not, music can help change or influence your dog’s behavior. Simply turn up the volume just enough to mask the noise from outside but not too much that it will disturb your dog.

You may play classical music as this type of music has been demonstrated to help calm kenneled dogs.

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3Aromatherapy – Lavender oil

Lavender oil has been found to reduce car anxiety in dogs (2006 study by Deborah L. Wells, Ph.D.). Make sure the lavender oil used contains Lavendula Angustifolia or Lavendula Officinalis. The application of this oil is very versatile, as you can rub it in your dog’s skin during a bath or use an oil diffuser for inhalation. You can also try spraying it on your dogs favorite blanket or bed.

4Keep your dog busy and loved

Exercise your dog prior to the party. Hopefully, the dog will be tired enough that it will ignore all the commotion outside.

If that fails make sure to keep your dog distracted and entertained with games and toys. You can try buying a few new toys, if that’s the case consider getting some puzzle treats toys, check out some HERE.

Show attention and affection to your dog. This will help your dog to feel secure and calm. You can give some treats to your dog when he/she is calm. Try speaking in a soothing, relaxing tone, and show some calming affection.

5Ask a veterinarian

We suggest you seek professional help from a veterinarian or pet behaviorist. If your dog was previously diagnosed with anxiety your veterinarian may be able to give you some prescription medication to help calm your dog. The pet behaviorist might be able to help you identify your dog’s triggers and you teach how to address them.

Remember, the goal is to provide a secure and calming environment for your dog. If you have some tips you would like to share, do so in our comments section below!

Good luck and happy holidays!


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