With winter weather coming soon we need to start thinking of our little ball of fur during these times. Some dogs may be conditioned for cold weather, but that doesn’t make them necessarily immune to low temperatures.

That’s why we are sharing these 5 tips of winter care for your dog.

1Keep your pooch inside

If temperatures drop lower than 20 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to get your pet inside. If you have a puppy, kitty or a dog with short hair, and the temperature drops below 40 degrees, they should be indoors as well.

2Fur won’t be enough, get a coat!

Some dogs have heavy coats built in, but sometimes that is not enough to protect them from the cold especially short hair dogs. You go outside with a coat when it’s cold, right? Do the same for your dog.

3Groom your dog

Doesn’t matter if it’s cold, your dog needs winter grooming! It’s important you keep your dog’s fur cleaned because wet, long and tangled fur can easily get matted and cause discomfort to your pet. In addition, matted hair provides poor insulation or warmth and in some cases, it can cause skin infections.

4Trim the hairs around the paws

By trimming the hair around the paws you will avoid ice or snow getting stuck in between the footpads. After a walk outside make sure to check your dog’s paws for cracks, cuts or other debris, and always wash their paws; salt and chemicals can cause irritation and can cause illness if your dogs lick their paws. If needed you can apply some vaseline to smooth and condition the paws.

5Have a blizzard checklist

If you live in an area prone to blizzards, it’s important you have a checklist at hand and survival kit. You can read our related post to hurricane safety HERE, which can easily be applied to this scenario. You will need enough water and food for 1-2 weeks, blankets for warmth, battery-operated flashlights, medicine and some toys to keep your pup entertained. Remember if it’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for your pets. Take them with you and don’t leave them behind. Have a plan and everything packed in one place in case of an emergency.



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