With warm weather comes great resPAWnsibility. During the summer or hot weather, your dog will need different cares and attentions. They can easily get dehydrated, suffer a heat stroke, burn their foot paws and/or get a sunburn. In addition to this, we have the rise of the fleas and ticks. On some areas, the risk of fleas and ticks is a year-round threat, but especially in warmer weather, they tend to be more active.

Here’s our list of our top summer care tips for your dog:

1Never leave your dog inside a car

I can’t stress this enough, never leave a pet inside a car, not even with a window cracked opened and/or water inside. This action will probably result in a heat stroke; that’s when the dog’s body temperature rises dangerously high. Here we share a video made by the Dr. Ernie Ward, where he explains what happens when a dog is left inside a car (no dogs were harmed). Check the video HERE.

2Unlimited access to water

In order to prevent dehydration from your dog, it’s important that the dog has unrestricted access to water. You can add ice cubes, frozen cubes of broth in order to encourage more fluid intake. You can even start feeding wet food to increase fluid consumption.

3Protect their foot pads

Dog’s foot pads are sensitive. They can easily get burned with the hot asphalt. Avoid walking on hot surfaces; try walking your dog early in the day or close to nighttime. Remember you wear shoes, they don’t. If you can’t stand the heat for 30 seconds with your hand or feet, they won’t either.

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If your dog has a thin coat, apply some sunscreen to protect their skin. If the dog has a thick coat; consider shaving or cutting some inches off. If you remove too much hair from the back it can cause our dog to get sunburned. Remember to apply waterproof sunscreen designed for babies or dogs. Since you are cutting some hair out we suggest you shave your dog’s belly area, as it will help your dog’s cooling process.


Specifically, during the hot weather parasites like fleas, ticks and heartworms are in season. These can cause your dog harm if you don’t have preventive care. Make sure to visit your vet in order to get the best ideal treatment for your dog. Remember to always check your dog for ticks and fleas after going outside for a walk.

6Provide ways of cooling off

With hot temperatures, we must provide ways for our dogs to cool off. It’s never a bad idea to go swimming at the beach, pond/lake or at the pool! Just remember to give your dog a bath after getting out of the pool due to chemicals used in most of them. You can also buy a kiddie size pool, fill it out with water and ice! Since dogs cool from bottom up, you can lay a wet towel on the floor or buy a cooling mat.


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