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How Flower Pawer got started

Before 2015 we were pet lovers but after March 2015 slowly but surely we became pet “pawrents”. Like any other first time pet parent we submerged ourselves with information. We tried to look for training information, pet behavior. Then that translated into researching more about pet food, healthier pet food, super food for pets, recipes, etc. Two year laters we are still learning, there’s so much information out there that we need to filter it and of course try it for ourselves.

That’s where and why Flower Pawer was born.

There are people that would like to have pets, as well as others that already have them as part of our family.
Sometimes we would like to know more about:
How to treat them?
Why they act like that?
Why they do something(s)?
How to teach them to not do something(s)?

This page was created to teach as well as to learn to understand better our pets. To help each other to make a better space for our pets.
A circle of love and bond between us and them.