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A circle of bond between us and our pets


There is nothing greater than the bond between us and our dog. Sometimes during our darkest moments without any words, our dogs are right there to comfort us. It is important that we work on the bonding process with our dogs in order to have a healthy relationship.

Bonding with your dog will create that deep connection between you and your furry friend. To some, it may be just a dog, but for a dog, we are their everything. That’s why is important to nourish our bond with our dogs, to set boundaries, ground rules. Like any other relationship, it takes time and dedication.

As a side note: I have been working on this post for a month or two. During this time we have been directly affected by two natural disasters. During this time I have seen both in Puerto Rico and in the USA so many people abandoning their pets by either leaving them in the yard, streets, shelters, etc. at the mercy of their own survival. For me, that’s just irresponsible.

I would like to dedicate this post to all of those that do care about their pets. To those that see their pets as part of the family. Not just something you can discard, and leave behind and not bothering to try and get them back with you. This post is dedicated to all of those that will go the extra mile, for those rescuers that will need to do what others failed to do for THEIR OWN pet; provide them a HOME and a happy life.

If you are reading this because you want a bond with your dog, this post is dedicated to you as well. Thanks for reading us.

Why bonding with my dog is important?

Bonding with your dog will be a key factor in the relationship, it will be what it holds it together. A bonded relationship will be in equal parts of mutual trust and respect. The bond will keep your dog from running away from you, it will be the reason why the dog listens to you when you ask him to do something. Your bond with the dog will encourage attentiveness, good manners, and partnership.

Tips on how to bond with your dog

1Spend time together

This will be the key to bonding with your dog. Any relationship is built by being with one another and sharing experiences. Any time spent together will strengthen your bond, sometimes we live a fast-paced life and our dogs can feel ignored. Always make time for them. It can be for a walk or even a jog, your dog will benefit from the exercise and so will you. You can also have some quiet time together, where you simply sit down with your dog with no TV or cell phone, and just pet your dog and share some secrets.

2Communication (training)

The way you communicate with your dog will help both of you understand each other. Dog’s can quickly learn hand gestures rather than voice commands. This will be the best and fastest way for you to communicate with your dog. Understanding each other will make it easier for both of you to feel closer in the relationship. Teaching the dog a few tricks and commands will keep your dog focused on you and will help grow the bond. Remember to always praise good behavior.


Having some playing time with your dog is important. We need to stimulate their brain and body. Enjoy some tug of war, retrieving, running, all these interactions will help build friendship and loyalty. It’s also a good way to speed up the bonding process and to let the dog know you also bring the fun!


Bonding with your dog is a time-consuming process, there are no shortcuts. But the reward is just priceless. At the end of the day to bond with your dog, just dedicate one-on-one time. Spend time training, and having fun with your dog. Share the floor and have some playtime or confessions (we all talk to our dogs, right?). Don’t set your expectations too high, set your pup for success during the training sessions. Get to know their likes and dislikes. Read their body language, remember they can’t speak, but their body sure will do all their talking.

I hope these tips help in the bonding process if you have more feel free to comment below!


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