We want to raise the awareness of the oral dental health of your pet, that’s why we are sharing tips and tricks to check how healthy is your pups mouth.

1Check the lips

You will want to check the fold and wrinkles, even where the top lip falls over the bottom and the corners of the mouth. The skin folds should be clean and dry. If you notice the area extremely red, greasy or sticky, with a bad smell and even some type of black discharge it’s possible your pet has a lip fold infection. Make sure to visit your vet for a proper diagnosis.

2Check the gums (Color)

Dog’s gums should be a healthy pink color (unless the dog has pigmented gums) with no bleeding or angry border where they meet the teeth. If the color of the gums is pale pink or white it could be a sign of anemia. Please visit your vet as soon as possible.

3Check the gums (Ulcers / Inflammation)

If you notice the gum area is sore or bleeding it can be a sign of an infection or damage due to toxins. These toxins can be produced by the body as a result of organ failure or household cleaners.

If you notice a fleshy tissues that grows over the teeth; this is called Epulis. It can physically impair the dog’s bite, and a small percentage can be an atypical presentation of a serious oral cancer, make sure to visit you vet ASAP to get it checked out.

Lumps growing from the gum or areas of unusual dark pigment are a significant cause for concern and should be checked by a vet ASAP. It can be signs of a cancer.

You can notice an angry, bleeding red line where the gum meets the teeth, which can be a common problem. But, if the teeth are dirty, it can cause a bacterial infection in the gum known as gingivitis. This is dangerous because ultimately it undermines how the teeth are attached, so they fall out. Also possible are serious complications from septicemia, which can cause organ failure.

4Get a dental cleaning

We visit our dentist at least twice a year for a check up and cleaning. Our dogs should too! You should at least be giving your dog a dental check up and cleaning once a year. That is if you are taking care of your dogs teeth at home. If you start noticing bad smell and/or swelling and redness, visit your vet ASAP to avoid any complications.



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