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Dog’s separation anxiety | What is it and How do I fix it?


Dog’s separation anxiety, What is it?; How do I fix it?

Does your dog do any of these things when you leave the house?

  • Seeks you for attention by pawing, barking etc. throughout the day.
  • Follows you everywhere around the house
  • Seeks you whenever something unexpected happens
  • Greets you very exited
  • Starts barking, whining or howling when you leave the house
  • Has destructive behaviors
  • Attempts to break out of the crate or your house by the window, doors or fences

If your answer was yes to any of these questions it’s possible your dog will or suffers from separation anxiety.

For starters separation anxiety can be a behavior that we encouraged without knowing it. Puppies from the beginning will learn quickly that if they cry and/or bark their behavior will be rewarded with attention. For example, as puppy when you leave your pup alone, or in the crate it will start crying. That’s when we get all “Aaaaww” and pick up the crying dog and show some sympathy or let loose from the crate. At this moment we’re encouraging this bad behavior that will be repeated when ever you will leave your dog alone. It’s important that dogs learn to be alone. Try not rushing to your pup when it cries or whines.

With that being said here we share some simple solutions to treat your dog’s separation anxiety.

1Pretend to leave

Pretend to leave ( pick up your keys or purse) but then stay or walk out the door but immediately come back in. As long as the dog remains calm, gradually increase the amount of time you stay away.

2Ignore your dog when getting home

When you do get home, ignore your dog until he or she is calm.

3No sleeping in your bed

Do not allow your dog to sleep in your bed. But we have to be honest, ours sleeps with us and we are totally ok with it. As long as she doesn’t take the whole space of our bed.

4Have others handle your dog

Ask someone else to do things with your dog that he or she enjoys. Maybe a walk, play time?

5Give your dog treats before you leave

Get your dog to look forward to time alone by handing out special toys (food-filled ones work well)  when you leave and putting them away when you are home. A healthy treat will work as well too.

6Leave the TV or Radio on

If you often have a television or radio on when you are at home, keep it on when you leave. The noise will help distract your dog when left alone, specially while munching in some treats or playing with the toys.

Remember if your dog is suffering from extreme separation anxiety we recommend you visit a professional on dog behavior.



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