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Don’t walk your dog in hot asphalt


Your dog’s paws are a sensitive area, it’s packed with sensitive nerve endings; pretty much like their ears and tail. That’s one of the reasons why your dog probably doesn’t like to be manhandled in the paw region.

Since our dogs paws are so sensitive please follow these tips the next time you walk your dog around, specially on cement or asphalt. It can get pretty hot and can injure your dog’s paws.

1Walk your dog early in the morning or late in the afternoon

Even if it’s not summer time, you should consider this because the temperature of the asphalt can and will burn your dog’s paws. If the air temperature is 77F the asphalt can get to 125F. Causing burns. If you live in a tropical area like we do please take this into consideration when going out for a walk.

2Stay on the grass

If you must go out in the afternoon stay in shaded areas with grass and avoid the pavement. Your dogs paws will thank you.

3Moisturize your dog’s paws

By moisturizing your dogs paws you are preventing the skins from cracking and being more susceptible to cuts and burns. A little pawdicure won’t be a bad idea. We will cover this topic in another post.



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