We must provide our dog’s ways to cool off when it gets hot. What a better way than a frozen treat! These frozen watermelon treats are simple and easy to make. You will only need two ingredients and an ice cube tray or silicone mold. I rather use a silicone mold because it’s easier to extract the goods.

  • Watermelon (seedless if possible)
  • One can of coconut milk

1Scoop the watermelon out

Scoop out about 1/4 of the watermelon, the rest you can either eat as you go or save some to make a smoothie for yourself. When selecting the watermelon, seek a seedless one. If you can’t find one make sure to remove the seeds. Feeding seeds to your dog can cause intestinal blockage, plus watermelon seeds contain a trace amount of arsenic, so why risk it?

2Blend the ingredients together

Mix or blend together the watermelon and coconut milk.  You can add more watermelon to obtain a darker pink for your treats.


Once you pour the mix into the desired mold, let it freeze for a few hours.



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