If you are a dog owner, there’s somethings that will always happen. Your dog will pee inside the house and this is completely normal. They might pee on the floor, carpet, couch and even on the bed! There’s reasons as to why dogs might prefer your bed (like in our case). Our dog is fully potty trained, it’s rarely the case when she decides to pee on our bed; but this is because the bed smells like us. What does that mean? It means the dog is trying to hide their scent. The dog is thinking “I need to avoid being scold.” So what better way to do this by doing it somewhere surrounded by his/her guardian scent. That way your dog feels less vulnerable and less exposed. If your dog pee’d inside your house, on the couch, bed, carpet, etc we will show you our trick to get the stain and the smell out.

What will you need?

1Paper towels

Use a paper towel or an old rag to soak up the excess pee.

2Distilled white vinegar

Vinegar? Really? That smells worst than the pee itself. Yes, it does but vinegar is a really good cleaning agent (CLICK HERE to learn more uses for vinegar) because of its acidity (you can learn more HERE).

You will take 4 parts of water to 1 part of distilled white vinegar, with this mixture and a rag or paper towel you will re-wet the pee affected area. Basically your are deodorizing and cleaning the spot. Once your scrub and wipe the vinegar you are ready for the next step. Be advised that you might want to do this step 2-3 times.

3Sodium bicarbonate a.k.a Baking Soda

Sometimes I add a little of the baking soda to my mixture of water and vinegar, just be cautious because that mix of ingredients causes a fizzy reaction. You can skip that part and go straight to covering the affected area with baking soda and let it sit overnight. If by the next day the area is still oversaturated make sure to sprinkle more baking soda for a second round.

This has helped us greatly and it’s the best way to naturally remove stains and smells. If you have other remedies make sure to share them in the comment section!



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