Do dogs really listen to music? Does it have any effect on them? You will be surprised that dogs and humans share a similar experience with music. It will play a role in their emotional state; to go even further there has been experiments and theories that playing music to plants will alter their growth. If you wish to do some extra reading regarding the topic of music with plants you can check it out HERE. There’s also a study with music and kenneled dogs done at the Glasgow University with the help of The Scottish SPCA, which you can read about HERE and one done at the Colorado State University, which you can read HERE as well.

All studies concur that all songs depending on their frequency and tempo will have effects on dogs. But there are two genres that had the most behavioral impact on dogs. Soft rock and reggae! I will add a third genre and that’s classical music, an article published by the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine of Glasgow University; states that a classical music had positive reactions to the relaxed state of dogs.

It’s suggested that you play a variety of songs otherwise your dog will habituate the auditory enrichment of the music being played. That’s why we have prepared three playlists for your dog. The first playlist will help your dog be a little bit more active and happy. While the second playlist will help your dog be more relaxed. If you want to go one step further with the relaxation I suggest our third playlist which will help your dog sleep.

You can access this playlist of music to make your dog happy HERE.

You can access this playlist of music to help your dog relax HERE.

You can access this playlist of music to help your dog sleep HERE.


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