I don’t about your dog but mine loves road trip even short car rides. She will get excited and won’t hesitate to go inside the car for a trip. Even if its the to the park, visit grandma or even to the vet. She will joyfully get inside the car.

But did you know that with these simple tips and tricks you can make the car ride more enjoyable for you and of course your pet. You would think that it’s as simple as get in and get going. Actually there’s a little more to it than that. Sometimes we can overlook the simplest things.

Just follow these tips and get ready for some pup love in the car for your road trip:

1Vaccines up to date

Visit your vet for a check up, ensure all the shots are up to date and give your vet a heads up. You might want to get the parvo vaccine. This will help you in a long road trips.

2Exercise your pet before getting into the car

Take into consideration that a tired pet will make the road trip more enjoyable for your pet, but specially for you. The dog won’t be on all its senses, since it will be tired from that workout before going inside the car.

3Don’t feed your dog right before the trip

Avoid feeding your dog before the trip; at least a few hours. This way you will help your dog to not get carsick and avoid cleaning after your dog.

4Load up in toys in the backseat

Try to keep your dog busy while on the car, get his/her favorite toys. Here’s a pro tip; don’t give your dog a squeaky toy, you will pay the consequences. Also don’t feed bones or food treats, you want to avoid cleaning vomit.

5Dog tags always ON

Remember to keep your dog’s tag always on. Your dog may be obedient but don’t risk the chance of your dog getting away from you un-identified.

6Potty breaks and food

Remember to have potty breaks throughout the trip and don’t forget to bring food and water!



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