Life with pets can sometimes get a little bit overwhelming. We need to make our life’s simpler, and that’s why we are sharing our summer hacks with you. If you wish to share your summer hacks, visit our Facebook Group. We will update our list with the best ones!

1Use a carabiner to secure our leash

If you are going to be in a public place you can use a carabiner to safely secure your dog’s leash to a post, leg chair or table.

2Dog collar bottle opener

This neat item will serve two purposes, identifying your dog if it ever gets lost and as a refreshment opener. Hey, we need to keep hydrated too.

3Frozen treats

Try preparing frozen treats for your dog. On a hot day, these will help cool off your dog, and I’m sure your dog will appreciate it too.

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4Kiddie size pool

With a small inversion of maybe a max of $20, you can buy a kiddie size pool and a few bags of ice. Simply fill with water, empty the ice bags inside, and your dog will be forever grateful.

5Frozen water bowl

Keep your dogs entertained and hydrated! Grab your dog’s favorite toys and place them in a bowl. Fill with equal parts of water and checking or vegetable broth and freeze!

6Buy cooling dog products

With the advancement in technology, there are neat and innovative products out there for dogs and pets. These will help to cool off your dog.



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