Happy Thanksgiving Day!

As part of this special holiday, we need to take some caution in the kitchen. Here we share a list of some foods and ingredients that we need to be careful not to feed to our dogs.
They are:


Giving bones, fat, skin, twine or gravy is definitely a no.
The skin has oils, spices among other things that could be hazardous for your pooch’s health.
Fatty parts of the turkey can be difficult for dogs to digest, dog’s pancreas could get sore or worst, end up getting pancreatitis due to the high content of fat. Other effects could be vomiting, abdominal pain, and lethargy.
Even though dogs love bones if cooked they can splint in their digestive tract. Let’s not risk it and end up having to take them to the ER.


Dogs may like the taste or lick the bottle’s condensation, but it shouldn’t be shared with them. The alcohol and hops present in the beer are toxic and could end up causing the death of our four-legged friend.


Because of the ingredients used to cook the stuffing, we should not feed it to dogs. It may contain onion, salt, spices, among other things.

4Onions and garlic

Both contain sulfides that are toxic to dogs, with onions being more dangerous you should be careful with both ingredients either way. Cooking won’t reduce the toxicity present in them. The consumption of onions can cause hemolytic anemia, which can damage their red blood cells and rupture them leading to death.

5Walnuts and macadamia

If you are having nuts in your meal, be sure to avoid sharing walnuts and macadamia nuts to your dog, as it can be dangerous and could cause macadamia nut toxicosis. Your dog may suffer from the following reactions: not being able to stand up, tremors, vomiting, weakness, fever and/or elevated heart rate. These reactions could go away, but they can lead to deadly shocks.

6Cranberry sauce

You can feed natural/organic cranberries because they could help with their urinary tract, but due to the excess of sugar in the sauce, it’s definitely a no for dogs.

7Bean casserole

Same as the cranberries, you can feed green beans as they are a pet-friendly vegetable. But with onions, mushrooms, salt, etc. present in the casserole it shouldn’t be given to dogs.
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This is a delicious ingredient to spice up our favorite delights. Sadly for dogs, it could end up causing seizures, and problems in their central nervous system. I could be lethal as well.


The essential oil present in this herb can cause an upset stomach.

10Raw dough or batter

Due to the heat in their stomach, it will cause the dough to rise and ending up giving secondary effects to your dog, such as vomiting, severe abdominal pain or bloating.

11Mashed potatoes

Potatoes are safe for your dog, but being mixed with butter, sour cream, salt, spices… it can end up upsetting the dog’s stomach and causing diarrhea.

12Grapes or raisins

Grapes can be deadly in certain breeds, both grape and raisin ingestion could cause kidney failure.

13Other toxic foods are:

a. Mushrooms
b. Chocolate
c. Corn on the cob

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Day!


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