Why dogs bark and what does it mean? Barking is their natural way of communication. Dogs sometimes bark to alert you of intruders, maybe out of stimulus SQUIRREL! or simply boredom. If your dog is barking excessively maybe the dog’s natural needs are not being met. Are you transmitting calm energy? Are you walking your dog every day? If you don’t take care of your dog’s needs, the dog is most likely letting you know by barking. Remember if you are having more serious issues make sure to contact your vet for more information, they are the experts; plus they might know more regarding dog behaviors.

Below we will share a list of some reasons as to why dogs bark.


The dog may be barking to alert you of intruders. Your dog will sense if people or animals are getting close to your home and the dog will bark to alert you, also it may be getting ready to defend his home if necessary. Pay attention to this in order to correct the behavior.


Your dog may be just reacting to a jogger passing by, an animal, cat, SQUIERRlL!; sometimes you can just block the view of this stimuli and your dog will stop barking.

3Bored or alone

Sometimes the dog may bark simply because of boredom or they feel alone. If you don’t spend some loving time with your dog he may start barking or even switch the destructor mode on. So spend time with your dog, lay on the floor, do some tug war, fetch. You will be satisfying your dog’s needs and most likely be calmer around the house. If you have toys make sure to have them accessible to your dog. Bitting releases endorphins in your dog, so chewing will have your dog in a happy mood 🙂

Barking can sometimes be annoying, but that’s the natural way of dogs communicating. You just have to know what your dog is trying to tell you.



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