What is Wisdom Panel?

Wisdom Panel is a product where you test your dog’s DNA to identify the mixed breeds the dog has. This is very helpful information because that way you know possible health risks and behavioral tendencies of your dog.

Wisdom Panel is a product from Mars Veterinary established since 2005. Ever since they have been on top of technology with their DNA Tests. Currently is the only one with a worldwide exclusive license with a breed detection analysis process developed by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institute.

They have the largest data base of DNA samples in the world (over 12,000 samples and 250 breeds). If these guys can’t tell you your dogs breed, I don’t know who else can.

Fun fact:

Here’s a short video that explains a little bit about their DNA Test Kit.

Where do I buy it?

We bought the kit straight from their website with a Fathers Day discount offer they had at the time. Regular price is $84.99 for the most recent version, Wisdom Panel® 4.0 but you can get the previous version Wisdom Panel® 3.0 from Amazon if you want to save $11 bucks.

The main difference between Wisdom Panel 4.0 and 3.0 is that the 4.0 version tests for:

  • Additional Trait Analysis
  • Exercise-induced Collapse (EIC)

If you want to compare all of their products you can do so here.

If you are interested in buying the kit from Amazon, you can add it to your cart from here!

Our experience


Once we ordered the kit, the box arrived promptly to our door; less than 5 days. The same box it comes in is the same box you ship back to the lab. When you first open the kit you will find the two swabs inside a pouch and some visual instructions on the inner side of the lid. You will be required to activate the kit on their website, after that you are ready to get the DNA sample.

The process of obtaining the DNA Sample is fairly easy. Simply get a swab and gently scrub on your dog’s gums and cheek, let it dry and repeat the process with the second swab. Once both are dry, seal them back in the pouch they came in. Write the kit ID number on the box and the pouch, seal the box and ship it back! For us, it took about 5 days for it to arrive at the lab. After that, it took about three to four weeks to get the results. If you are like me you will be checking the status every two days for three weeks. When the results are ready you will receive an email stating the results are ready to be viewed!

Getting the results

When you finally get the notification that your results are ready to be viewed is like waking up on Christmas morning when you were a kid. The results are displayed on various slides. We took screen pictures of our DNA results.

1Genetic Signature

2Ancestry – Breed Percentages

3Ancestry Tree

4Breed description – American Staffordshire Terrier

5Breed description – Chow Chow

6Breed description – Shih Tzu

7Breed description – Mixed breeds


9Health analysis

10Drug sensitivity analysis

11Exercise-induced Collapse analysis

12Weight analysis

13Physical traits analysis

Simplicity of use
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